Welcome to Salmenoja Films

Welcome friends! My name is Julia Salmenoja and you are now at my company’s website. I work in film production. Here you can read my blog, learn about me and find my contact information. From the store button you will directed to tiimikauppa.fi – site, where you can purchase my merchandise products!


Latest from the Blog

The company form change – how the practitioner becomes the CEO

When I established my company in fall 2020 I decided to go with the most simple way of entrepreneurship – therefore I have been a practitioner (in Finnish: yksityinen ammatinharjoittaja, toiminimi) ever since. In a nutshell it means, that the company as well as all its assets are mine; I am personally in charge of…


You can now purchase SALMENOJA FILMS hoodies, t shirts and beanies from tiimikauppa.fi . Soon the selection will update with canvas bags as well. If you want to be part of SALMENOJA FILMS journey, get yours now!

Inside my iPhone

I am more than thrilled to unbox my iPhone with all of you. You must have heard all kinds of unboxings but now we are taking a peek together inside my phone. I will let you know what kind of apps I use, for what purpose and how much. We will also take a look…

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