Welcome to Salmenoja Films

Welcome friends! My name is Julia Salmenoja and you are now at my company’s website. I work in film production. Here you can read my blog, learn about me and find my contact information. From the store button you will directed to tiimikauppa.fi – site, where you can purchase my merchandise products!


Latest from the Blog

Julia the CEO vs Julia IRL

The qualities I have as a person define me what kind of professional I am. The features one has in ones personality can be modified for different areas in ones life. Some attributes can be learned and strengthen, some just one needs to depress so they don’t have such a big effect on professional behavior.…

Migraine – what a pain in the *ss!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor anything like medical professional. I speak only from my own perspective and experience. This is a very personal disease so what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you – or most likely won’t. I have been avoiding this topic. I have been suffering from migraines more or…

The company form change – how the practitioner becomes the CEO

When I established my company in fall 2020 I decided to go with the most simple way of entrepreneurship – therefore I have been a practitioner (in Finnish: yksityinen ammatinharjoittaja, toiminimi) ever since. In a nutshell it means, that the company as well as all its assets are mine; I am personally in charge of…

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