Welcome to Salmenoja Films

Welcome friends! My name is Julia Salmenoja and you are now at my companys website. I work in film production. Here you can read my blog, learn about me and find my contact information.


Latest from the Blog

Inside my iPhone

I am more than thrilled to unbox my iPhone with all of you. You must have heard all kinds of unboxings but now we are taking a peek together inside my phone. I will let you know what kind of apps I use, for what purpose and how much. We will also take a lookJatka lukemista ”Inside my iPhone”

Wrap 2021, Welcome 2022

Disclamer: I am very grateful, that even though we are living with the pandemia, I was still able to work all year round. It is no longer a matter of course, and for that I am thankful. This pandemia has now been with us for almost two years and as we are getting more andJatka lukemista ”Wrap 2021, Welcome 2022”

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