Inside my iPhone

I am more than thrilled to unbox my iPhone with all of you. You must have heard all kinds of unboxings but now we are taking a peek together inside my phone. I will let you know what kind of apps I use, for what purpose and how much. We will also take a look at my albums and how I manage the photos. I am giving you a tour around my filing system and how I find things from my iPhone, computer and iPad (this is the reason why I could never work with PC or some android phone).

My phone is iPhone 12 Pro Max.


I have 160 apps on my phone. Of course I have games and some other random apps I don’t even use, but I also have maaaany apps that I couldn’t live without and especially work without.

I’ll talk about communication apps a little bit further along. Other apps very important to me are all my photo editing related apps. I have a folder for all them in the front page of my phone. I use different apps for different editing needs. I couldn’t anymore picture my life without Canva – an application for designing posts. First I thought is was just fun to play with but soon I learned, it’s an easy and efficient tool to use more professionally. It is also possible to time posts with it, which comes in handy more often one would assume.

I have 155 applications on my iPhone.

I have many apps that are related to my company. Of course WordPress – for my company webpage and blog, the app works very well too. I like to write blogs on my laptop, but it is super easy to post with the app too and check for example statistics. Oh! And photos! Photos I like to attache to the blog with the app in the very end. It is also a good way to check how will the blog look in mobile. I also have a book keeping app from my accountant, where I can upload all my receipts – and then toss away! It is so nice that it is not needed to maintain receipts or any other papers anymore.

Instagram is my main social media so it is not in a folder with the others, it is on the front page and in quite a good place, almost in the middle. I don’t change the places of the apps that often, and some have always been in the same place. For example calendar needs to be in the very top left corner, I am just so used to have it there. Same goes with the weather: it is obvious to me that it is in the other top corner.

One of you send me DM when I posted that this will be my blog topic. They wanted to know my most random app! Maybe it’s Canit – it’s an app where you can give away your empty bottles! I really hate taking bottles to the store and this is an excellent way to get rid of them!


I remember hearing this one interesting thought in Ylen Aamu (morning show of the national broadcaster): Why do we call it a phone even though calling is only one thing we use the device for? Let’s leave that there shall we.

Of the regular apps email applications are the most used apps for me during a work day. Second most used apps are WhatsApp and Teams. Third place is Instagram and then comes Helsingin Sanomat (newspaper) and Safari (browser). Notes I use a lot too, because I love to write stuff there ready and then copy-paste to email or WhatsApp for example, especially longer messages. Notes I use for writing notes too – how clever of me!

I almost never talk on the phone so that it is on my ear – I always use headphones or speaker. I love that I am able to write notes at the same time and to use phone for other stuff while I am on the phone. It is called multitasking. I couldn’t live without my AirPods. (Funny thing: I lost my AirPod case outside in the snow about a week ago – and I’m still alive. Now I am getting new ones but during this time in between I actually survived. With an old pair and with the ones with a cord. )

I use two different email apps, both the iPhones own and Outlook. Outlook (meaning Microsoft) doesn’t work that well together with iPhone, but good enough. For messaging people I use daily: emails, WhatsApp, Teams, iMessages and text messages and Instagram DM. Is it never tiring to try to remember where some dialogue was? Yes. But not too much.


I have 14 635 photos and 656 videos. I never delete anything really. I have extra space on my iCloud account so I don’t have to.

I love to take this kind of (check below) random photos of different kind of elements, floors, walls, ceilings, sea, sky… I use them quite a lot in Instagram for different posts. Often when I don’t want to have the point in the picture but in the text, but of course one wants the background to be nice too!

This super nice brick wall is from my hotel room in Sokos Hotel Villa in Tampere where I stayed for many many nights when we were shooting Enemy of the People in Tampere 2021.

I love to take photos. I have a good camera (Canon EOS200D) too but it is more special to shoot with it, phone is always right there (growing into the hand almost!). Maybe it is time now to charge the battery of the camera and start the hobby again after a while!

I have many albums for the 14K photos I have. I always save a certain type of photos to a folder ”there is no business like show business”. These are photos I use over and over again in my Instagram or photos I want to some day post there, photos with a story perhaps. I also have a folder called ”work”. There I have mainly pictures from different productions. I have personal folders there of course as well: family, trips, events etc.

I love that in all Apple products I can have all my photos and documents available on every device when ever (not a paid add!). It really helps in so many ways: if I am in my car and have only my phone there with me and I need to send some file or check something: I can and there is no delay! Some might say: ”is it necessary to be so efficient and quick all the time?” This efficiency makes me feel free. I feel that I am in charge and that is what I want. I want to be in charge of me and free (wow, quit deep s*hit…).

Hopefully you had fun with this phone unboxing! Leave me a comment or send me DM in Instagram, if I left something out or if you want to know more about something! Thank you for reading and see you soon!



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