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Inside my iPhone

I am more than thrilled to unbox my iPhone with all of you. You must have heard all kinds of unboxings but now we are taking a peek together inside my phone. I will let you know what kind of apps I use, for what purpose and how much. We will also take a look…

Breaking down the breakdown with 1st AD Aija Ronkainen

This blog is different than before, because here I am not alone. I have my good friend and colleague Aija with me and this is a dialogue between us. We are talking about breakdown, scheduling and Assistant Directors duties. Welcome! Julia: Hi Aija, please introduce yourself to our readers! Aija: Hello everyone, my name is…

Wrap 2021, Welcome 2022

Disclamer: I am very grateful, that even though we are living with the pandemia, I was still able to work all year round. It is no longer a matter of course, and for that I am thankful. This pandemia has now been with us for almost two years and as we are getting more and…

What do I do for a living?

I am an entrepreneuer in film business. I work in production department in roles of a Line Producer, a Production Manager and a Producer. What do these titles consist of? What does one do, when one is a Line Producer? This is a subject a lot wished and asked for so here goes. This could…

Budgeting – pre production

This is one out of three blog series about budgeting a tv series. Actually there will be four blog posts about the matter: the first original blog was very overall view about budgeting and the three following posts will each focus on different parts of the budget and budgeting. Budget is a relationship Budget as…

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