The company form change – how the practitioner becomes the CEO

When I established my company in fall 2020 I decided to go with the most simple way of entrepreneurship – therefore I have been a practitioner (in Finnish: yksityinen ammatinharjoittaja, toiminimi) ever since. In a nutshell it means, that the company as well as all its assets are mine; I am personally in charge ofJatka lukemista ”The company form change – how the practitioner becomes the CEO”

Breaking down the breakdown with 1st AD Aija Ronkainen

This blog is different than before, because here I am not alone. I have my good friend and colleague Aija with me and this is a dialogue between us. We are talking about breakdown, scheduling and Assistant Directors duties. Welcome! Julia: Hi Aija, please introduce yourself to our readers! Aija: Hello everyone, my name isJatka lukemista ”Breaking down the breakdown with 1st AD Aija Ronkainen”

Budgeting – pre production

This is one out of three blog series about budgeting a tv series. Actually there will be four blog posts about the matter: the first original blog was very overall view about budgeting and the three following posts will each focus on different parts of the budget and budgeting. Budget is a relationship Budget asJatka lukemista ”Budgeting – pre production”

Budgeting tv series

When you watch tv series at your sofa and have some munchies, you probably don’t guess how much money and planning there has been behind it, and it is okey not even wanting to know. So spoiler alert: this blog is all about budgeting tv series, so stop reading if you don’t want to knowJatka lukemista ”Budgeting tv series”